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A mission is comprised of many works, and Pace Academy Foundation is more than aware and thus voluntarily reaches out and provide the help that is needed whenever such an opportunity arises. God Himself does not just pick and choose who He loves or supports; likewise it is not only through scholarships that we perform God's will and outreach to serve.


bible distribution

spreading the word of god

Special Assistance Outreach (2020-2023)

from opportunity...

“This child has been not able  to walk and even to stay upright since he born. He is 15 years old. His mother also said that he stay upright when somebody has hold him. His mother also added that will be difficult to her to take care of him because always he needs to be uplifted to go to toilet, bathroom, day and night as he is growing up,and also she said that it is hard to her to find basic needs as her husband died last year who was helping in so many issues on their child , it will be difficult to her to work in her field as he need regular supervision. I found this boy in Chigudye village, TA Khongoni, Lilongwe.”